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(6/22/2015) NEW!!! RA opportunity for a new project on Sensory processing in Children with ASD and ADHD starting late August 2015. Work study, volonteering or course credit. Please contact

(6/11/2015) Our Principal Investigator, Anthony Norcia, was just elected President of the Vision Sciences Society, an international group of more than 2,000 psychologists, neuroscientists, and clinicians interested and working in the area of vision science. Congratulations Tony!

Most recent publications

Norcia AM, Appelbaum LG, Ales JM, Cottereau BR, Rossion B. (2015)

The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review.

J Vis.

Dmochowski JP, Greaves AS, Norcia AM. (2015)

Maximally reliable spatial filtering of steady state visual evoked potentials.


Liu-Shuang J, Ales JM, Rossion B, Norcia AM. (2015)

The effect of contrast polarity reversal on face detection: Evidence of perceptual asymmetry from sweep VEP.

Vision Res

Clark DA, Fitzgerald JE, Ales JM, Gohl DM, Silies MA, Norcia AM, Clandinin TR. (2014)

Flies and humans share a motion estimation strategy that exploits natural scene statistics.

Nature Neuroscience