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(07.08.2019) SVNDL is pleased to have Postdoctoral Scholar Luca Lo Verde (University of Pisa) join us. 

(07.01.2019) We feel so lucky to have two great summer research students joining our lab, Yulan Chen (Northwestern University) and Daniel Yi (Stanford)

(04.23.2019) SVNDL welcomes Postdoctoral Scholar Milena Kaestner and Lab Manager/Research Assistant Marissa Evans to the lab. 

(07.13.2018) We are so proud of Karen Duan and all her hard work. Karen was a PhD student in the lab who just passed the defense of her dissertation, "Disparity in context: Understanding how monocular image content interacts with disparity processing." Cheers, Karen!

(03.29.2018) Congratulations, Shweta Karve, who is a research assistant coordinating our ASD collaboration with Psychiatry. Shweta has been matched to a Psychiatry residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Central Wisconsin Psychiatry in Wausau, WI!

Most recent publications

Kaneshiro B, Nguyen DT, Norcia AM, Dmochowski JP, Berger J. (2020)

Natural music evokes correlated EEG responses reflecting temporal structure and beat.



Chen SI, Chandna A, Nicholas S, Norcia AM (2019)

Differential Experience-Dependent Plasticity of Form and Motion Mechanisms in Anisometropic Amblyopia. 

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science


Riesen G, Norcia AM, Gardner JL (2019)

Humans Perceive Binocular Rivalry and Fusion in a Tristable Dynamic State. 

journal of neuoscience


Barzegaran E, Bosse S, Kohler PJ, Norcia AM (2019)

EEGSourceSim: A framework for realistic simulation of EEG scalp data using MRI-based forward models and biologically plausible signals and noise. 



Kohler PJ, Cottereau BR, Norcia AM (2019)

Image Segmentation Based on Relative Motion and Relative Disparity Cues in Topographically Organized Areas of Human
Visual Cortex. 

Scientific Reports


Manning C, Kaneshiro B, Kohler PJ, Duta M, Scerif G, Norcia AM (2019)

Neural dynamics underlying coherent motion perception in children and adults.

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience