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(9/30/2015) SVNDL is seeking a credit or FWS Research Assistant to help with studies of vision and visual development. The position involves participant recruitment and testing, database maintenance, mailings, and other project-related tasks as assigned. Students interested in research methods, neuroscience and/or office skill-building are encouraged to apply. This position is available for a maximum of 10 hours per week, with a relatively consistent work schedule strongly desired. Interested persons should email Francesca Pei ( for more information, or to submit a cover letter and academic résumé.


(6/11/2015) Our Principal Investigator, Anthony Norcia, was just elected President of the Vision Sciences Society, an international group of more than 2,000 psychologists, neuroscientists, and clinicians interested and working in the area of vision science. Congratulations Tony!

Most recent publications

Norcia AM, Gerhard HE. (2015)

Development of three-dimensional perception in human infants.


Kaneshiro B, Guimaraes MP, Kim HS, Norcia AM, Suppes P. (2015)

A representational similarity analysis of the dynamics of object processing using single-trial EEG classification.


Duan Y, Norcia AM, Yeatman JD, Mezer A. (2015)

The structural properties of major white matter tracts in strabismic amblyopia.


Norcia AM, Appelbaum LG, Ales JM, Cottereau BR, Rossion B. (2015)

The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review.