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(05.10.2016) SVNDL bids a hearty adieu to longtime colleague Francesca Pei, who will be starting a new position with the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital. We miss you already!

(03.09.2016) NEW: SVNDL is seeking a volunteer or federal work study research assistant to contribute to studies of visual perception. Interested persons should email Wesley Meredith ( to submit an academic résumé/CV or ask followup questions. More information about ongoing projects in the lab can be found by navigating to the "Our Studies" tab at the top of this webpage. Check out the SUPA Psych Research Database job posting here

(03.01.2016) SVNDL welcomes visiting collaborators Catherine Manning from Oxford and Martin Giesel from University of St. Andrews. 

Most recent publications

Kohler PJ, Clarke A, Yakovleva A, Liu Y, Norcia AM

Representation of maximally regular textures in human visual cortex.


Dmochowski JP, Norcia AM. (2015)

Cortical components of reaction-time during perceptual decisions in humans.


Norcia AM, Gerhard HE. (2015)

Development of three-dimensional perception in human infants.


Kaneshiro B, Guimaraes MP, Kim HS, Norcia AM, Suppes P. (2015)

A representational similarity analysis of the dynamics of object processing using single-trial EEG classification.