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Our Studies

Amblyopia and Strabismus Study

Our researchers are currently studying visual development in adults and children with amblyopia (sometimes referred to as "lazy-eye") or strabismus (misaligned eyes).

We are currently looking for:      (12/1/14) Adults diagnosed with Amblyopia.


Infant/Child 3D Vision Study

Smiling researcher holding baby wearing EEG sensor net

Our researchers want to learn more about how infants develop different visual abilities -- like detecting a face, keeping track of changing images, or perceiving depth -- and how changes in the brain guide the development of these abilities.


Early Visual Pathways Glaucoma Study

off pathways image

For many clinical conditions or forms of eye disease, early detection promises access to the most effective means of treatment. With help from Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg and other colleagues at Stanford's Department of Ophthalmology ...